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At Miller’s Tree Service, we are not just a tree care business; we are a family dedicated to providing exceptional service and cultivating a positive work environment. Our roots are deep in the community. Our commitment to excellence, safety, and environmental stewardship sets us apart. If you are passionate about trees, love the outdoors, and thrive in a dynamic team setting, Miller’s Tree Service might be the perfect place for you.

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Ground Operations Wizard

Ground Operations Wizard

January 04, 20244 min read

Ground Operations Wizard

Opening Statement

This isn't your normal job posting. Can you tell by the job title? We looked through a bunch of comparable jobs and it made us sad. Most of these job listings are "canned" and full of buzzwords. If we were looking for a new job these posts wouldn't excite us. So, here is our attempt to find you... the right person for our team. There is only one of you out there and we are looking forward to meeting you. Please read ahead and follow the instructions or this won't get very far.

A Day in the Life

Morning Preparation (6:30 AM - 7:00 AM)

Your day starts early, with the practical tasks of getting ready for the day ahead. After checking your gear, you load up your truck.

All-Company Meeting (7:00 AM)

The week kicks off with our Monday morning all-company meeting. This is a time for discussing the safety topic of the week and catching up on general announcements. It's an opportunity to connect with your colleagues and get aligned for the week’s work.

Heading to the Job Site

After the meeting, you and your crew load into one of our heavy-duty pickup trucks and drive to the day's job site.

On-Site Operations

Upon arrival, you gear up in your chainsaw protective chaps, helmet, and visor, and then join your foreman to review the site and set up a game plan to execute most safely and efficiently. As the crane and bucket truck get into position, you’re ready to start the day's main tasks, which typically involve tree removal and pruning. You’re on the ground, managing the branches as they are carefully moved by the crane, and then using a chainsaw to cut them into pieces. A tractor then helps in removing these branches to be loaded onto a truck and carted away.

Lunch Break and Afternoon Work

Following the major tasks of the morning, there's time for a break to have lunch with your team. The afternoon is then spent finishing up the day’s work, which likely includes using a backpack blower and rake to clean up the site so it looks better than when we arrived.

End of the Day (Afternoon - 4:00 PM or 5:00 PM)

The day wraps up with returning to our main location, offloading your gear, checking your saws to ensure they are in top condition and cleaning your helmet before clocking out. It's a straightforward end to a productive day, where you can see the results of your hard work.

Who We Are

  • We are a customer service business that takes care of trees. 

  • We are large enough for stability but small enough to be scrappy and flexible. 

  • We are growing and will continue to grow. 

  • We plan on running this business for decades with the same team and the same customers, built around great people and great systems. 

  • We like to laugh, and we laugh often.

Who You Are

  • You love to be outside. You’re interested in learning more about trees and the physical environment.

  • You thrive on variety and embrace new challenges daily. You enjoy engaging in diverse tasks and appreciate the excitement of working in different locations.

  • You are tired of working at jobs where people don't really care about the team or the performance.

  • You like to be around excellence. You like to see the team succeed. You like to be on a team of A-players.

  • You like to work hard and see your talents used to their fullest. 

  • You want to find the place where you can hang your hat for the long term.

Compensation and Benefits

For this entry-level role, it depends on your experience.  Without any experience, we start at $13.00 per hour.  But with experience and great references, we pay up to $20.00/hour.  This is our entry level role, and we want you to keep in mind that there’s plenty of room for growth into more senior roles, from tree climber, to aerial lift specialist, to crane operator.  We will support your training and development every step of the way.

In addition to our hourly wage, we offer:

  • Comprehensive health, dental, and life insurance.

  • Paid holidays and personal time off.

  • 401(k) retirement plan with company matching.

  • Opportunities for career advancement and professional development.

  • All expenses paid trip to the Florida ICA Chapter Tree Climbing Championships.

  • Support for obtaining industry certifications, such as ISA Certified Arborist.

  • Employee referral bonus program and education reimbursement.

  • Assistance with relocation costs for eligible candidates.

Timeline and Expectations

  • You apply and follow instructions.

  • We will review your application and call you to schedule a phone interview.

  • Our Head of Operations will conduct an in-person interview.

  • Review of references, background check and drug test.

  • Extend offer.

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Our Values

  • Arboriculture Passion: Devoted to the craft and care of trees.

  • Safety and Ethics Commitment: Upholding the highest standards in safety, ethics, and industry practices.

  • Customer Relationships: Dedicated to building lasting connections with our customers.

  • Cultural Growth: Nurturing a culture of continuous learning and development.

  • Community Involvement: Deeply rooted and actively engaged in the Tallahassee community.

Candidate Key Qualifications

At Miller's Tree Service, we value individuals with a passion for tree care, safety, and professionalism. Key qualifications include:

  • Passion for outdoor work 

  • Commitment to safety protocols and procedures.

  • Ability to thrive in a dynamic, team-oriented environment.

  • Experience in tree care, landscaping, or related fields

  • Knowledge of equipment operation and maintenance

  • (Position Dependent) Preference given for candidates with relevant certifications and backgrounds in forestry / horticulture / equipment


  • Competitive compensation with performance-based incentives

  • Comprehensive health, dental, and life insurance

  • Paid holidays, vacation, and personal time off

  • 401(k) retirement plan with company matching

  • Opportunities for career advancement and professional development

  • Support for obtaining industry certifications

  • Employee referral bonus program and education reimbursement

  • And More!

Why us?

Miller's Tree Service is more than a workplace; it's a community where great people and great systems come together. We are dedicated to your growth, providing various training and educational opportunities. Join us, laugh often, and become a go-to expert in arboriculture.

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